Generator for Waiheke Primary School

We are so happy to be able to support our little local school and neighbors, Waiheke Primary School.

Ananda Tours takes great pride in supporting our local community. 

This year we donated $5.5k in funds for Waiheke Primary School to buy them a generator to keep water and power running to the school during power outages. WPS will be the first school on the Island to have a generator and this will help 150 families on the Island who would otherwise need to collect their children early from school during a power outage. The Ananda office is located just a few doors down from the school and so we are very aware of how frequently the power can go out in the area. Without running water and toilets the school is required by law to close. Often the call is made for all the parents to collect their children, only to have the power come back on 30 minutes afterward. Now with a backup generator, this will allow more time for the power to come back on and keep the children in class and learning! 

Posted by Ananda Tours on May 02, 2023