Useful words in te reo Māori

When traveling around New Zealand you will come across Te Reo Maori - a native language of New Zealand. Here are a few words that you might come across or use in your travels!

Kia ora – Hello, hi, greetings; term of acknowledgement or thanks

Nau mai – welcome

Haere mai – Welcome! Enter!

Haere rā – farewell, goodbye (from someone staying)

Ka kite – see you again, see you soon (informal)

Tēnā koutou – formal greeting to more than two people

Mōrena – good morning 

Pōmarie – goodnight or good evening

Aroha – compassion, tenderness, sustaining love

Tapu – sacred, not to be touched, to be avoided because sacred, taboo

Taonga – treasured possessions or cultural items; anything precious

Whānau – family

Tamariki – children

Iwi – people, nation: modern usage, tribal bones

Moana – sea, or large inland ‘sea’, e.g., Taupō

Maunga – mountain

Wai – water

Tomo – cave or hole in ground

Kai – food.

*Source NZ History Website 

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Posted by Ananda Tours on March 01, 2023