Important things to know if you are renting a house on Waiheke

Here are a few important things to know if you are renting a house on Waiheke and some local tips!

On Waiheke there is no mains water supply. All houses have their own water tanks that are filled by rain water collected from the roof. Although you can get water deliveries, there can be a big wait time in the summer months and a price is around $200 for 5,000 L. This means that water is very precious on the Island and it is important that you conserve water by taking short showers and no leaving taps running etc. Here are some top tips for other ways to conserve water.

Be a Waste wise visitor. Everything that is brought to Waiheke has to be taken back to Auckland. There is weekly Roadside Rubbish Collection and recycling collection every two weeks. The day of the week should be provided by the house owner however if you are not sure you can also search the house address here

Prebook a taxi if heading out at night, especially if it’s a weekend as they can get very busy. We don’t have Uber on the Island and the taxi’s can get very busy around ferry times, so if you don’t pre book, be prepared to wait for 30 mins or so. We recommend Waiheke Five-O, Wai Cabs and Easy Transport

Waiheke doesn’t have any big takeaway food chains here (Ie. McDonalds, KFC, Subway etc) and although we do have some great takeaway options they are not open very late. Most of them close around 8.30 – 9pm so don’t wait too long to decide what you want for dinner if you are in the mood for takeaways! Ostend Pizzeria does great kebabs and pizza with vegetarian and vegan options available. Kiran’s Indian Kitchen has a wide range of delicious curries.

We have one Supermarket on the Island, which is a Countdown located on Belgium st, however we have several great locally owned specialty shops if you would like to support local – Read about some of our favorite

Posted by Ananda Tours on October 10, 2020